You are NOT your story!…

Your story is not who you are!

We’ve all got a story!

Either a story we tell others or the story we tell ourselves.

Our story is usually sad and pathetic.

Usually a “poor me, I’m such a victim” kind of story.

Being brought up in a single parent family, neglected, sometimes even abused and molested.

We carry our story with us throughout our whole life.

Sometimes actively striving to heal from our traumatic story and life experiences.

However what we don’t realise is that it is our very attachment to our story that is keeping us IN our story.

Keeping us in our pain and trauma.

You are NOT your story!….

And you can never heal from your story until you separate yourself from your story.

The problem has arisen that we identify with our story and we believe that we are everything that has HAPPENED to us when in reality we are not.

We find it very hard to comprehend from a conscious thought perspective that we are not our story because we are so attached to it.

We’ve been telling ourselves our story our entire lives and we continue to collect extra chapters as we go along to add to the story of our lives.

My partner left me, my parents passed away, I’ve got no money, my kids are horrible, the government is out to get me, I’m penalised because of my colour, class or creed!….

We walk around with a me vs the other mentality which keeps us in a separated state of existence from unity with the Divine/Creator/Universe!……

We need to work to detach from our story so that we can enjoy the fullness of what life has to offer.

We need to understand that our intellectual self, our mentality for making meaning out of events and circumstances, does not serve our highest good.

We are not our body and we are not our mind.

We are pure Consciousness and we are a Soul, a Spirit, Life force itself which is navigating this flesh vessel.

WE are running the show.

WE are in control of our thoughts and we are in control of our body, if only we take our power back.

When we come back to Source energy we no longer associate our identity to a third Dimensional story.

When we come back to Creator energy we get the bigger picture.

We comprehend that there is more to this hueman existence than a stupid story, no matter how drastic and traumatic it may be.

We find a deeper meaning to it all that goes way beyond our intellectual understanding.

And we discover a new perspective and richness to life that only dreams are made of.

Step out of your story, step out of your head.

Separate from the self.

For it is in unbecoming all that you think you are that you are able to become all that you were destined to be.

👁 Love you 😍


Prayer to open the four directions

I wrote this as a creative expression and offering to spirit to assist me in my healing ceremonies and workshops.

I have had the calling to share it so that others can use it and so that my love and creative energy can spread wide and far through the articulation of it before opening sacred ceremony space.

Pleas accept this poem as a gift from me to you.

👁 Love you 😍

To the winds of the South

Red Serpent Fires 🐍🔥

Show us your Beauty &

Flames to Inspire us.

As we shed skins of old,

False beliefs that we hold.

Wrap your coils of light around us,

Pure Love Surrounds us!


To the winds of the West

Mother Jaguar of Earth,

Prowl with Integrity &

Show us our Worth.

Our Medicine Space Protection,

Darkness Deflection.

Sing your Healing Purrs around us,

Pure Love Surrounds us.


To the winds of the North

Hummingbird and Spirit Guides,

Teach us with Courage

Our Trauma’s untied.

Break the Chains of our Past,

May our Sovereignty be Vast

Wash your Cleansing Waters around us,

Pure Love surrounds us.


To the winds of the East

The Air and the Breeze

Great Eagle, Condor

Souring above Trees.

As we Rise with the Sun,

All Fear we Shun.

Wrap your great wings around us,

Pure Love Surrounds us.


Pacha Mama, Mother Earth

Your Children Cocoon,

All stones, plants and animals

Birthed from your Womb.

Sacred Feminine Sublime,

Lead us to The Divine.

Wrap your Goddess arms around us,

Unconditional Love Surrounds us.


Father Sun, Grandma Moon

Be here as Listeners,

Star nations & Soul Tribe

Softly spoken Whispers.

Help us Remember,

Hold Space as we Surrender.

Wrap your etheric arms around us,

Pure Love Surrounds us.


Written by Tailia Santo aka KartaDass Kaur in 2019

Bypassing our Inherited Vibrations

Is your life often filled with drama and chaos?

Do you feel that life often hands you a plate full of shit pie?

Do you often feel that you are constantly fighting a losing battle?

Check yo-self before yawl wreck yo-self!…..

Now here is where the straight talk comes in!….

Your life is a direct reflection of your own inner frequency.

If life hands you lemons it’s because you my dear, are a magnet for them.

No one is to blame for the shit storm that is your life, other than YOU!…..

You Create Your Own Reality!….

Our frequency began before we are even born.

If our mother was a magnet for low vibratory experiences then we too will have been born vibrating at the same frequency.

Like seeds, we become like the soil that we are sown and grown in.

If, as infants, our family life was not of the most harmonious frequency then this frequency is what becomes familiar to us and we unconsciously go on to replicate it in adult life.

To go deeper still what if I suggested you more than likely chose your mother and family BECAUSE your soul needed to learn to rise above such frequency for the ELEVATION of your Soul!….. (this is a whole separate article altogether)

Owning our frequency does not mean admitting that we are low vibration and that we attract all of the toxic situations we encounter.

Owning our frequency means having Love, Empathy and Compassion for our unconscious caregivers who raised us in such low vibrations.

For they too were raised in such surroundings.

And their parents before them and theirs before them and so on and so forth.

The world 🌎 has been through some very dark ages.

We have had world wars and colonising, we’ve sold our own people and starved and fled for safety.

All this Fear runs through our veins as the very essence of who we are, and thus although we are to blame for the frequency we emit, we too are blameless.

A crazy paradox huh?!….

As we have come out of the dark ages and have now entered the Golden age of Aquarius we are being offered the gift of redemption.

Owning our frequency does not need to be an admission of fault but more a realisation of faulty wiring.

When we own our frequency we subsequently own the power to work towards Raising and Rising above it.

And we also assist in raising the frequency of the rest of the planet along with us.

Including breaking the cycle of passing the pain onto our children and our children’s children.

When we emit a more harmonious frequency we attract a more harmonious existence.

For us and the Whole of Humanity.

But only we have the Power to CHOOSE.

What do you choose?

Love or Fear?

Calm or Chaos?

Dharma or Drama?

Choose wisely!

👁 Love you 😍

The Art of Gracefully accepting our Karma

Karma has managed to get itself a bad name.

It is often referred to in a “well that’s Karma for you” kind of way, usually referring to other people who’ve acted undesirably in the past when they hit a bit of bad luck.

But what of our own Karma?

People are rare to bow their head down gracefully when something negative happens in their own life and accept it as part of their souls Karma.

What we are missing is the ability to see our bad fate as a reflection of our unconscious actions in the past, sometimes even from past lives.

No one is purposely horrible.

People treat others horribly as an outer reflection of their own internal world.

If I feel bad about myself it’s no wonder I go around feeling and acting badly towards others.

Until I love myself I will bleed my unhappiness into every corner of my living reality and this includes with my relationships and interactions with others.

In order to really grow and evolve on a soul level it is vital that we do not resist our own Karma when it comes knocking at our door.

It is Spirits way of bringing about much needed balance.

It is the Universes invitation to us to go within and investigate where we could have acted similarly in our unconscious past.

It is a gift being offered to us to review ourselves when we too acted harmfully towards others and to heal that part of us so that it can be cleared from our souls path.

For example; if we shit stirred or gossiped in the past and find ourselves at the end of bad mouthing, this is our Karma and an opportunity to learn and grown from it.

This is the Universe giving us back our own bullshit.

If we’ve cheated on a partner in the past and find ourselves in a situation where we are then being cheated on, this is our Karma.

When we do not find the strength to work towards forgiving another we do not allow the balance of energy flow for our own sins to also be forgiven.

When we resist our Karma by being vengeful, vindictive, angry, manipulative or resentful towards another, what we create for ourselves is more Karma which will later come back to haunt us.

This is the reincarnation and Karma trap.

This is the reason few actually go on to become ascended masters in their next experience because the soul still has more Karmic contracts to tie up, which can only be done through the human experience.

It is that way by Divine Design.

Accepting our Karma and forgiving others, as we too would like to be forgiven for our similar sins, does not mean we tolerate the cheating or bad mouthing, it simply means we do not hold onto the anger and resentments.

We accept our Karma with Grace.

Even the 12 steps path to freedom, require followers to make amends with people they hurt in the past, but it fails to really cover why this is important on a Soul and Karmic level.

At the end of our days we will see our lives flash before our eyes.

We will feel all the negative things we subjected unto others.

We will then be offered the opportunity to redeem ourselves by making Karmic contracts with those souls and agree to work to clear the Karma in next lives.

If however we are able to accept our fate and feel for those whom we have hurt BEFORE the end of our days.

If we are able to see it as a reflection when someone does to us something we have done to another.

We gain the ability to clear our Karma in THIS life time and not have to wait until future lives.

And thus we are offered the opportunity to reach higher levels of soul clearing and consciousness to elevate us to higher plains in this and the after life.

What Karma can you reflect on in your life and see it as a mirror of your own past behaviour?

Where can you invite forgiveness for your own sins by learning to forgive others?

👁Love you😍

The Womb Prayer

I channeled this prayer when I was Birthing my Shamanic Sacred yoni steaming ceremonies into being.

I am being called to pass it on for anyone for whom it resonates with.

It would be my honour for sisters to use my prayer for their own healing and rituals.

I have my sisters read it aloud at the beginning of our new and full moon Sister Circles.

The importance of the Divine Feminine reconnecting with their Sacred Wombness is vital for the elevation of huemanity at this time.

Wombmen hold the key to healing the world within their very being.

Only when wombmen really connect with their Wombness can they assist the Divine Masculine to connect to their Divine Feminine counterpart also.

What the world needs now is Balance.

Balance of the Masculine AND the Feminine.

Together in Divine Harmony.

Within each and every one of us.

Man and Wombman.

Wombmen have fought to be like men for hundreds of centuries yet their true power lays in their femininity.

When we reclaim our Divine Femininity we contribute to healing the world.

The Womb Prayer by @wonderfullwombman

The Womb is a place of CREATION,

The Womb is a place of LOVE,

The Womb is a Portal to the DIVINE,

Incarnating souls from ABOVE.

I Honour my place of CREATION,

I Embody my temple of LOVE,

I Channel direct from the DIVINE,

The messages send from ABOVE.

I Sever all cords of energy,

I Denounce all contracts made,

I call forth Love and Healing,

For my Sacred Space.

I promise to respect my temple,

From this moment on,

To treat myself as I wish to be treated,

And pass the healing on.

For as I heal myself

I heal those who’ve come before,

I heal all those who come after,

Forever and ever amore.

The lineage of wounding,

It ends here now with me,

In the presence of Sacred Spirit,

I Reclaim my Divine Femininity.


👁Love you😍

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Art is Therapy – inspired by Frida Kahlo

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo is remembered for her self-portraits, pain and passion, and bold, vibrant colors.

She is celebrated in Mexico for her attention to Mexican and indigenous culture and by feminists for her depiction of the Female Experience and Form.

“I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.”

Kahlo, who suffered from polio as a child, nearly died in a bus accident as a teenager. She suffered multiple fractures all over her body and began to focus heavily on painting while recovering in a body cast.

The biopic drama of Frida Kahlo’s life highlights the use of art to depict grief and express the bitterness that life sometimes supplies in a true surrealist fashion.

“They thought I was a Surrealist, but I wasn’t. I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality.”

Frida Kahlo was diagnosed with minor depression, experienced two major depressive episodes and suicide attempts throughout her lifetime.

It would appear Frida’s life really was quite a journey.

After the fatal traffic accident, young Frida was forced to abandon higher education in the medical field and pursue her painting hobby as a career.

As the medical issues persisted, Frida had several miscarriages during a turbulent marriage with her fellow artist and husband Diego Rivera, who she eventually divorced after he slept with her sister.

“My painting carries with it the message of pain.”

Frida’s story depicts a very real insight into the mind of the Artist and the use of art as a form of cathartic self expression.

Art as a form of self therapy.

With such an intellectually based society the creative arts can often be ignored or ridiculed when in reality it is exactly what such a sick society needs.

With more self expression through artistic means such as art, music, poetry, literature, dance & movement, the pain of society can be transmuted and the love of life can be honoured and celebrated once more.

What is your secret creative skill or hobby?

Maybe think back to what you enjoyed in your childhood.

How can you incorporate more artistic expression into your life?

👁 Love you 😍

Our only REAL Fear!….

Where are you letting fear fill in the gaps of the unknown?

Our only real fear is the UNKNOWN.

And when we accept the concept that we have no control over that which we don’t know, we allow life to unfold exactly as it should.

We become ONE with the flow of life.

We resist it when we Convince ourselves of an unreal threat.

We have to let go of fear in order to flow with the universal life force (Prana, Chi, energy).

When we look at any fear and delve deeper and deeper into its roots, what we eventually find is the Fear of the Unknown.

If someone’s biggest fear was death, it’s not death itself that they are scared of, it’s the unknown of that which comes after death.

If someone’s biggest fear is public speaking, it’s not the speaking in public itself that scares them, it’s the thoughts that arise and haunt them about what could potentially go wrong or how their speech might be received.

Maybe we create all sorts of scenarios of what may or may not occur throughout our lives, but ultimately what we are doing is creating stories in our own head around our ACTUAL fear of the unknown.

The same goes for relationship break ups. We create stories in our own head about us never finding anybody else, or we dread the thought of them meeting someone else before us. We create images of ourself being lonely and feeling sorry for ourselves. We imagine all sorts of things but the truth is we know nothing.

And it is this nothing, this unknown, that REALLY scares us.

So what can we do about our fear of the unknown?

That’s easy to know but harder to actually do.

Because we are habitual creatures and we have eaten from the tree of wisdom and we like to “think” we know it all.

What we need to do in order to stop filling in the gaps of the unknown is to:

Accept that you don’t know and trust that when you’re meant to, you will know, and you will know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Trust in yourself and your ability to be resilient when the time is called upon.

If we think back to previous scenarios where we felt like we had reached rock bottom we can see that we survived.

We got through it.

It may not have been easy but we did it and what didn’t kill us only made us stronger.

Everything is perfect, exactly as it is.

The Universe has our backs.

When something goes wrong we must trust that the universe knows what’s best for us.

We must have faith that it will all turn out right in the end.

Sometimes things need to fall apart before they can be rebuilt and most times there is a very valuable lesson or blessing in events and occurrences within our lives.

A deeper Divine meaning for Everything.

When we surrender to not knowing we create space for the life force of the Universe to do its thing.

We become One with the Universe.

When we resist, we go against the “flow” and we miss all the lessons we are destined to grasp for the highest evolution of our souls.

In which aspects of your life are you letting fear fill in the gaps of the unknown?

And how can you actively practice letting go?

👁 Love you 😍.

Are you seeing the signs?

The Signs are Everywhere.

You just have to be open to receive them.

They are written in the feather floating in the wind.

In the birds chirping.

In nature.

In the innocence of children.

In synchronicities.

In Dreams & Visions.

In numbers.

The signs are everywhere.

Messages from Spirit.

Our Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Ancestors and passed loved ones.

When we open ourselves, quieten the mind and surrender to receiving.

Then we can truly See.

We Align with the Divine and the Divine shows us the signs.

We love you 😍

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Distance healing – behind the scenes

30minutes condensed into 1.

Behind the scenes of one of my shamanic distance reiki healings.

I am currently working through healing and awakening the seven chakras with a lovely sistar.

I Channel Divine light language icaros and enter a trance like state to access and facilitate the etheric multidimensional realms of energy healing.

It is my absolute pleasure and honour to hold such blessed sessions.

I feel so in alignment with my calling right now and thank The Divine for sending me such blessings and lessons throughout my entire life to bring me to where I am today.

What didn’t break me only made me stronger.

👁Love you😍.

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