BE The Mystic!…

Mad hatter 🎩

~ ~ Have I gone mad?”


~ ~ “I’m afraid so!!…….

You’re entirely bonkers.

But I’ll tell you a secret 🤫

All the best people are.”.

“We are all mad here”

We are all just different degrees of madness.

And what is mad anyway?

Not conforming and wanting to be a puppet like every other fucker?

Does that make me mad?

The indescribable feeling that this whole system and society “isn’t quite right” and striving to contribute in making a positive change.

Does that make me mad?

Knowing and feeling and alchemising the underlying energetic forces that are really at play.

Does that make me mad?

Of course it does to Mr and Mrs Norman Normal pants.

The ultimate truth is that we are ALL mad.

We think it is “normal” to send our children to school to be conditioned and beaten into submission, to conform and obey, to follow the rules and to say “yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir.”

We think it’s “normal” to scold them when they make innocent mistakes “You naughty girl/boy, for accidentally spilling your drink or not being able to do your laces up quick enough.

We think it’s “normal” to fall out of school and straight into college then straight into a 9-5 for the rest of our lives.

Miserably working for the man to pay to heat the house that we spend no time in because we are too busy working. And to pay finance for the car that we just HAVE to have to impress the Jones.

Surly madness is unwittingly existing in a manipulated system and not even realising that there is even a system manipulating us.

Surely madness is being so far in the matrix, so madly attached to it that there is no separation from who we are and what it is.

By actually being One with the consciousness of the manipulated matrix mentality.

There are so many levels of consciousness and existence that few will ever delve into during their current incarnations.

The language of energy, entities, realms, vibrations and frequencies.

It is in these deep waters that the Mystic relishes in Delight.

Swimming smoothly through the Sea of Mysticism.

Yet it is in these same waters that the Psychotic drowns in.


The only separation is FEAR!…..

The psychotic is scared of the energy and entities and unfamiliarity of the energetic forces she is being introduced to.

She has no prior knowledge or teaching of how to navigate in these waters.

She enjoys scrolling through pages of dark conspiracy theories and learning the lower vibrational realms of the energetic forces before first freeing herself of all her own fear and exposing her own darkness.

The psychotic is someone who sees the darkness of her own ego in the world around her.

The psychotic is a threat to society because the psychotic is actually tapping into what’s really going down but lacks the ability to keep a low profile and be discreet with exposing the Truth of Reality.

So what’s the best thing to do with a Psychotic? Lock em up or Dose em up!…

By those in authority???!!!!!…

Yet the Mystic Dances in Delight as she Revels in the Glory of her own Unconditional Love.

BE The Mystic.

👁 Love you 😍


Divine Intervention

The Universe makes No Mistakes!!!…

The Universe knows Exactly what is Right for us.

We Kick and Scream and Moan and Groan when things go in ways that were Otherwise Expected by us.

Yet the Universe Always know Best.

When we begin to Vibrate at a Higher Frequency we begin to Attract a Life that Osculates at the Same Vibration.

The Universe literally Moves the Right Circumstances and People into our lives, for All the Right Reasons.

When we Resist change, the discomfort Persists.

When we Surrender to what IS, and don’t try to fight to keep what is being removed from our energy fields for good reasons, we leave Space for Divine Intervention to do its thang.

Thank you Universe for always Conspiring in my favour and I’m sorry for the times that, for a brief moment, I resist your efforts to Conduct my life Accordingly.

As I am reminded, once again, that it is ALL part of the Divines Plan.

Thank you for always having my back.

👁 Love you 😍 •

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My Equinox Earthday

On this day a Goddess was born 👑😜 !!….

Little did I know that when I signed up for this incarnation it would be at such an exciting time in HUEman Evolution.

Witnessing the Rise of HUEman Consciousness and Spirituality.

Little did I know that I would be one of the misfits that didn’t fit into “The Norm” because I was supposed to rebel against “The Norm” and struggle to break free from “The Norm” to come to assist others, who are waking up to not quite fitting into “The Norm”, in also breaking free from “The Norm”.

On the Equinox many moons ago, on the very day that the energies of planet Earth stepped into the next season, •

👁 was born!

And as the energies of the astrological age go from Pisces into Aquarius, and as we are stepping into the Golden Yuga Age •

👁 was born.

As the sun was at 0 degrees on the cusp of Virgo and Libra, with 6 planets in Libra (Libra representing the Scales, the Balance, the Tipping Point between two planets) Not having quite arrived at either planet but touching on the space between the two, •

👁 was born.

We are ALL Unique and Special in our own Magical ways. •

We just gotta polish our turds 💩 and dig deep to find our Uniqueness.

Get Rid of the BullShit and get Straight to the Gold.

We are ALL Gods and Goddesses Waking up Spiritually and Consciously at a very Special time.

And I feel honoured and privileged to be celebrating my 39th year of my current incarnation here on Earth.

I’m proud of my HUEman years, as I’ve grown and evolved so much. I wouldn’t change my years for the world because with my years I’ve earned my Wisdom and I am one cool 😎

Wonder-Full Wombman!!…..

Happy Equinox Earthday to Me 🙏

👁 Love you 😍.

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Virtual Worlds Addict

This is a poem I wrote back in 2011 when I first began to become conscious and inwardly aware of my thoughts and feelings.

I was very proactive with developing mycellf and expanding and experimenting with my consciousness.

Virtual Words Addict!… by TaiLia 2011.

I feel I’m being TAKEN OVER

Possessed yes some might say,

By the Electronic World that lingers

And is slowly finding its way.

Slipping into the Real World
Like the Matrix with its Neo,
As Virtual Worlds are muscling in
The Real Worlds throne they throw.

I have come Accustomed
To the Attention Seeking Mode,
And find myself Compelled to tweet
And go down the facebook road.

My blackberry once a blessing
To keep my life on track,
But now I think I’d be better off
If I were addicted to smoking crack.

My hands they are a twitching
And reaching for my phone,
In the hope that I might welcome
Any Attention from my Virtual Home.

When I see no flashing red light
Winking at me there,
I feel a sense of “No One Loves Me”
And I slip into Despair.

I have to Break my Habit
Its come Too Much to take,
I have to take a phone holiday
To give myself a Break.

It surely Isn’t Healthy
I know that much is true,
That I’ve Attached Emotion
To a World that is Virtual.

As I step into the Real World
And see Blessings Galore,
I recognise I’ve been nothing more
Than an Attention Seeking Whore.

Until I have Controlled It
And got my Shit 2gether,
The strings that hold me there
I’ve Found the Strength to sever.

I’m sure I’ll have my re-bounds
And pop in from time to time,
But Every Faith of Breaking Free
Keep my High Spirits fine.

So Farewell to the Fakeness
Goodbye tweets & pokes,
What a ride its been for sure
But for Now


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My time to RISE!…

I’ve come to realise that people like seeing the personality behind the profile.

I’ve come to realise that people like seeing the face behind the words.

I’ve come to realise people “like” selfies & person based pictures & I’ve come to realise that the more “likes” One gets, means the more people Ones message can reach.

Once upon a time I shared lots of selfies & pictures of cellf for ALL the wrong reasons.

I began to consciously observe the itching desperation within me for love & attention, & this feeling troubled me.

I made a conscious decision to actively wean myself off of external validation & I worked more & more towards learning to create the validation I sought from within.

It wasn’t an easy process, I found myself rebounding many a time. Posting “look at me, look at me, I need love and attention” pictures when my ego screamed out.

But over time I began to learn & practice tools & techniques which enabled me to fill up my own void.

I leaned less & less on external validation & found more & more comfort in my OWNliness (loneliness without the lone.)

I learned that creativity was my closest ally & being comfortable being lonely was the key to my complete & ultimate happiness.

In my place of loneliness & invalidation

in the black hole of my psyche, was ME

& “I” was all I needed to validate mycellf.

No one else!

No family members or friends,

no acquaintances, strangers or ex’s.

No one else, but ME.

I’ve learned so much on my journey. I’ve so many tools & techniques to share & am now feeling a real drive to really get my message out there.

It would be criminal of me to not pass on what I have come to learn the hard way.

It would be criminal of me to not contribute with assisting in the Elevation of Planet Earth 🌏 & the Evolution of hueman Consciousness.

Thus for this reason I’ve found myself sharing more pictures of mycellf where for a long long time I would have shared none.

So here I am. Striking a pose. I don’t look like this every day, in fact I probably hardly look like this ever, but here I am playing the social media status game

Because I have come to


that it’s my time

to RISE…

👁 Love you 😍


In the face of adversity ROAR 🦁

like the mother fu@king Gangstar Warrior that you are 💪

You did not come here to be mediocre.

You did not come here to let the weight of the world weigh you down.

You came here to claw your way through the bullshit.

To pull yourself out of the darkness.

And you came here to Shine like the spiritual gangSTAR that you are 🌟

The spark of Goddess/God energy that is alive in each and every One of us.

The taste of Divinity that is at our disposal.

You came here to learn how hard it is to be HUEman so that you could recognise that HUEman is just an egoic byproduct of the amnesia, hiding us from our true Spiritual Identity.

Life lived through a SoulFull perspective brings a whole new meaning to Life.

And it is through this view that we finally find our authentic Voice.

Our Song to Sing, our Gift to Share with the World.

Our ROAR 🦁

Dig deep and find your Roar dear child.

For the world needs to hear it.

We Love you 😍

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When you find YourCELLf!…..

We have all come here for a reason

We all have a gift to bring,

We all have lessons to learn

We all have a song to sing.

We didn’t just come to be human

To systematically follow the rules,

We came here on a quest for Enlightenment

To pluck from the Earths wisdom jewels.

For within the earths core is a memory

Of all our ancestors of whom came before,

A cellular imprint of their time here

Of all their lessons and blessings and more.

We inherit all our ancestors Karma

In our DNA deeply engrained,

We inherit their traits and behaviours

Their loves and their hatreds and pains.

We are a byproduct of our family lineage

We hold their traumas and mysteries within,

Not releasing ourcellves of the foreign energies

Would ultimately be our biggest sin.

For once we un-become all that we are

Because who we are we are actually not,

Once we loose the impact of our ancestors

Our own cellves soon cease to rot.

For deep beneath all of the layers

Once we peel back all the ancestral skins,

Once we shed ourcellves of what not serves us

Is where our real life begins.

We have all come here for a reason

We all have a gift to bring,

We all have lessons to learn

We all have a song to sing.

👁 Love you 😍

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Negative friends: BEWARE……

Negativity breeds Negativity!…

Like attracts Like!!….

You become Who you hang with!….

It’s all Energy guys!….

It’s hard to realise that some of your most nearest and dearest are actually some of the most negative influences in your life.

You know the friend who all she does is moan about this person or that person.

Or the friend who’s still moaning about the shitty relationship she’s still in 20years down the line.

Or the friend who’s always got a drama or dilemma. Some serious incident or situation that is going on in their life.

Or the friend who is always sick or ill with the latest sympathy seeking stage performance.

Negative people bring negativity into our lives and there comes a point when we have to make a Choice.

Stay or Grow!!….

Leaving friends behind is the hardest thing about the path to Enlightenment because in our old fear based consciousness we become quite attached to these negativity hounds.

Bloody hell, we’ve even learned to Love the little fuckers!

But is it real love? or is it just a habitual addiction to a frequency you once lived in?.

Letting loved ones go is by far the hardest on the path. Many get stuck at this hurdle, but honouring yourself and your own growth is what is most important.

It’s not that you are leaving them behind. It’s that you are rising to elevated levels of consciousness and once you arrive at those levels you can shine a light to beacon them to rise to meet you there.

But in their own time and in their own way.

We can’t control anyone and make them wake up any sooner than they are destined to.

Some might actually not be destined to wake up in THIS lifetime.

But we can set the example of what happiness and positivity looks like.

And not the fake bullshit we pretend all over social media to keep up appearances.

That fakery to too easy to spot.

“Stay away from Negative people. They have a problem for every solution.”

BE the Positivity you wish to see in the World.

👁 Love you 😍

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Philosophise on this you Crazy Lunatics 🤪

CONSCIOUSNESS is the ability to Consciously observe the inner mechanisms of the mind and the world around it.

SPIRITUALLY is having a connection to other worldly Forces and Realms of Reality.

Being SPIRITUALLY CONSCIOUS is having the ability to effectively use Ones inner awareness to sense (FEEL) Energies and undesirable influences over Ones HUEman vessel.

Which is a Vital house for Ones Consciousness IN its Current Reincarnation.

SOVEREIGNTY is when we have gained control over our Conscious Awareness

and we Practice strategies to keep our intellect and Auric energy field free from undesirable influences from the other realms, that we are Spiritually Conscious of.

Baring in mind that Influences from This 3D reality, also have an undercurrent influence and connection On and From the Energetic Realms!!……

There is so much more to this 3D reality than we can possibly conceive in our limited space of amnesia.

Possibilities of existence and ways to manipulate our HUEman experience are ours at Will.

There are also others who own the ability to use and manipulate us at will, and by being Spiritually Conscious we have more of a broader scope that we can Prepare and be Aware of.

We have forgotten the Power we Possess!

All we have to do is Choose it.

Open up to FEELING our way through life opposed to automatically and habitually Thinking about it.

Turn away from all negativity.

Deny the darkness.

Erase all fear.

And walk steadfast into the sea of possibilities and the world of Make as you Believe.

Where Peace, Love and Huenity are all we know and separation, fear and doubt are nothing but a distant memory far far away.

“Know and have control of thy CELLf and ye shall know Unconditional Love in great wealth.”

Wonder Full Wombman.

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